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How to pump 10 wheels using a “bucket”: BERKUT Spec-2M test

The ancient tradition of the auto mechanics league requires that you send an inexperienced “salag” for compression, handing him a bucket. However, a bearded joke can be adequately answered by bringing … a BERKUT Spec-2M compressor. This is a natural “bucket of compression”, with the full to the top!
Compressors of the Berkut line have long been well known in the Russian market. Their authority among users is evidenced by the fact that, in addition to the traditional use for pumping wheels, they are used in the construction of powerful pressure control stations in the tires of SUVs to increase patency, switch air locks, create air suspensions, etc. Surprisingly, until recently, the company’s assortment did not have a model with automatic shutdown at a given pressure – a very popular function among motorists. And so she appeared – BERKUT Spec-2M:


Supply voltage: 12 V
Maximum current consumption: 10 A
Maximum pressure: 7 atm. (kg / cm2)
Working pressure: 0-4 atm.
Continuous working time: unlimited
Maximum productivity: 40 l / min
Operating Temperature Range: -30 ° C +80 ° C
Hose length: 0.6m
Power Wire Length: 3m
Dimensions of the device: 245x110x246 mm, 1.98 kg
The design of the BERKUT Spec-2M is quite unusual. There are a lot of case compressors on the market that look like giant smartphones – in other words, they are pretty compact briquettes without protruding parts. But the compressors in this arrangement are low-power, not designed for any continuous operation. BERKUT Spec-2M – different. Its operating time is not limited due to the built-in active cooling system. In this case, the pump module is installed in a metal “bucket” case, which is securely closed by a durable plastic cover. The Bucket protects the compressor from dirt, moisture and shock, and also stores the hose and power cord. The compressor is located in its metal box, so to speak, stationary – it is not removed from it. But in this form it is convenient to carry it by the belt handle, it stably, without jumping, stands near the wheel even on ice, plus the body muffles the noise from work, translating it from loud chirping into a quiet low-frequency mutter. The power cord is designed to be connected to the cigarette lighter, because not everyone likes climbing with crocodiles under the hood. The length of the cord is 3 meters.

Like all pumps, the Spec-2M model is made using proprietary technical solutions that ensure durability and maintenance. PTFE piston ring, stainless steel valves, inlet air filter.
To minimize vibration during operation (so that the unit does not try to “crawl”, as many budget models like to do), a system of special suspension and legs is provided. The compressor is mounted in its case on four extremely elastic supports, and the casing is equipped with four “floating” legs outside, not fixed by screws, but resting on rubber rods.
The union for connection of a hose with the wheel nipple – quick-detachable tightening. It is plastic, but the manufacturer promises that the polymer is especially durable and frost-resistant. The tip on the nipple snaps easily and tightly. Removed – quickly and with minimal pressure loss.
The pump comes with three nozzle-tips for pumping balls and other containers of compressed air. And also for blowing blockages in different equipment. Adapters are installed in the sockets on the compressor housing.

The main thing in the BERKUT Spec-2M model is a digital pressure gauge and an automatic shutdown system that allows you to pump the wheels, without continuously watching the pressure readings, and doing some useful things in parallel. You can, for example, sweep the snow from the car or shake the rugs …

After the power plug is inserted into the cigarette lighter, the backlit display lights up, and the switched off compressor works like a manometer. On the screen there are two digital scales: large, showing the actual pressure in the wheel, and small, showing the pressure of the automatic shutdown selected by the user. After checking the pressure and making sure of its lack, we set the “plus” and “minus” buttons on the display to the value we need, press the on / off button, the pump starts and stops working when it reaches the set norm.
By the way, it should be noted that the compressor does not know how to reduce pressure – if during measurement you find that the wheel has been pumped over by the previous “blowers” ​​(for example, at a car service or tire fitting), you will have to bleed off the excess in the classical way – manually pressing the nipple spool. At the same time, it is easier not to bleed a little bit and several times to control the result with measurements, but simply to lower it in excess and turn on the compressor for pumping until it turns off automatically.

Despite the fact that this compressor is designed for domestic rather than professional use, it has no time limits due to the built-in active cooling system. A separate fan continuously (even when the pump does not pump) blows through the finned cylinder and engine and allows filling wheel by wheel from scratch to normal!

BERKUT Spec 2M Digital is quite powerful and productive – a 15-inch wheel it pumps up to 2 atmospheres from a fully deflated state in 2 minutes 15 seconds. After pumping four wheels in a row, we put our palm into the gap between the pump unit and the housing and feel the engine and cylinder – they are completely cold! The forced cooling system is very efficient.
Typically, an average car owner does not need to fill more than four wheels with air from scratch to face value in one go, but we tested the BERKUT Spec-2M for serious work! For this, the compressor was forced to pump from zero to 2 atmospheres in a row wheel by wheel dimension R15. While one was pitted, another was pumped up, and so over and over again.

Honestly, I’m tired of the tenth wheel … The compressor did an excellent job of continuous operation: no change in tonality, no extraneous noise, and, all the more, overheating! Each time we noticed time, and by the end of the work, the performance did not change – both on the first and the last wheels, the BERKUT Spec 2M spent the same 2 minutes 15 seconds plus or minus a couple of seconds!

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