In 1948, Georgia made a variable compression motor and outperformed Infiniti
At that time, when the ICE power supply systems were imperfect, and the gas distribution mechanisms were primitive, the return per liter was small, and the consumption of gasoline and…

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In 1948, Georgia made a variable compression motor and outperformed Infiniti
At that time, when the ICE power supply systems were imperfect, and the gas distribution mechanisms were primitive, the return per liter was small, and the consumption of gasoline and…

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Two in one: buy a Honda Civic VIII for 460 thousand (part 2)

Hard but breathing
The next car is an illustration of how neither the Civic nor any other car in the aftermarket should be. So, the most expensive instance for 480 thousand rubles, 1.8 liters, automatic transmission, 2010, the indicated mileage is 110 thousand km.
Unfortunately, I had to watch it in a real blizzard, but even under the snow it can be seen that the hood is uneven, and its color is slightly different from that of the rest of the body. And if you look closely at the rest of the body, then the color in general becomes incomprehensible: repainted the car completely, but not at a time, but by the elements. And they never got into color.

If you open the hood, it becomes clear why it is crooked here: before it was disassembled, but assembled crookedly, because it was also crookedly repaired after a rather severe accident.

The side pillars are whole, but still nothing good is visible in this car. By the way, the racks have a complex relief, and if the thickness gauge requires a snug fit over a sufficiently large area, work with it carefully: you can not attach it very tightly and get “bad” numbers with good paintwork.

But that is not all. We look at the salon.

The ribs on the “twists” of the climate have lost their clarity, the steering wheel has been wiped badly, the plastic of the entire front panel is scratched. The actual mileage of the car is about 200 thousand, not 110 at all. To make sure of this again, let’s look at the motor. And he is running out of oil from all the cracks.

With a test run, we make sure that we will have to repair the starter soon – the retractor relay works every other time. He spins the motor quickly and confidently several times in a row – the reason is not a dead battery, but a starter. And with an odometer of 110 thousand, it is not necessary to repair the starter on the Civic, so this is another sign of a twisted mileage.

In general, we disagree. This car is not worth buying for sure.

For the sake of interest
Now, let’s see the hatchback. Yes, the “robot” is unsuccessful here, but the car looks really interesting: 2008, 170 thousand mileage, 1.8 liters, 400 thousand rubles.
The paint is native to the car. The back door is difficult to check – plastic interferes. Therefore, you must watch the body from the inside. Everything is fine here.

But the rapids still repainted. And the plastic after that was put very messy.

And rust already appears in the vents of the doors.

Soon there will appear “mushrooms”, and the corners will bloom. In general, if you still want to buy this car, you will have to immediately take care of eliminating these still minor “sores”.

The salon also looks at its mileage.

Well, then the strange begins: the car simply refuses to go. And they drag her into the service. Strange, but on the phone they said that they had just replaced the clutch and carried out the adaptation …

I can’t say what was sentenced there in the service – I was not interested. If we assume that the problems with the RCP will be eliminated normally at the expense of the seller, then this is a good option. However, this case only confirms the fact that buying a Civic with an automatic transmission or with a manual transmission is much more reliable. “Robot” is acceptable if you want a hatchback and certainly with two pedals.

From what you saw today, you can only draw one conclusion: if you want an uncompromising machine, cook a little more: really good copies on the secondary cost from 500 thousand rubles.

Detective car
Civic is one of the most difficult positions in the list of desires of our customers. It seems that there are enough ads on the market, but there are only a few that comply with our retail standards. Nevertheless, Civic is always “under the gun” of Automama. Therefore, when we see a promising ad, we immediately call the seller.

So, Civic 1.8, INC, 2010, 171,000 km mileage, Rostov-on-Don.

The description indicates that the car is in excellent technical condition, there are small chips and scratches on the body, as well as a crack on the windshield. From the photos in the ad, our expert determined that the left front fender is a little out of color. Well, for the 2010 car, nothing is critical, and two owners is even less than usual. The price is quite affordable – 430,000 rubles. We are calling.

During a telephone conversation, the seller confirmed excellent condition and made a discount of 10 thousand rubles, which could not but rejoice.

As often happens, the car “with a hundred steps” seemed to our expert relevant assurances of the seller.

However, a more detailed inspection disappointed. For starters, the number of owners turned out to be significantly higher than the declared, and the seller – a reseller. Additionally, the hood, the right front fender, the right rear fender were painted, and the trunk lid was replaced. In some places, there were no weld points on the inside of the right rear wing, and there were traces of poor-quality body repair. At a more detailed examination, the expert revealed that the car was in a serious accident – the niche of the spare wheel was straightened, and the right rear spar was repaired.

Inspection of the car’s interior suggested that the claimed mileage is not true. There are scuffs, and the steering wheel is altered.

An additional check made it possible to get a photo of the car after an accident.


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