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Two in one: buy a Honda Civic VIII for 460 thousand (part 1)

Civic is the undisputed best seller. It was with the advent of this model that Honda was learned as a manufacturer of not only motorcycles, but also cars. Historically, Honda has been targeting the North American market, but the Civic has been selling pretty well all over the world. The release of the eighth generation Civic forced Toyota to postpone the release of the next Corolla – it took hastily to make changes to the design.
Indeed, Honda managed to create a unique design that appealed to a wide audience – a sedan for the “classics” and a hatchback for the “futurists”. Despite the fact that in 2006 a half-year turn was observed on him in Russia, the eighth generation Civic is a car with a difficult fate, in which the notorious crisis of 2008 intervened. In the secondary market, owners and sellers noticeably overestimate it, but potential buyers underestimate it. The contrasts defined by the design also appear in other aspects of operation.Civic has one of the best machines and one of the worst “robots”. There are very few non-original parts on it, but the original ones hardly break. And finally, there are usually a lot of them on sale, but there’s nothing to buy. How did it happen? We will tell below.
What and how are we looking for?
Service Autocheck estimates Civic at 465 thousand rubles.
Therefore, we will look for cars in this budget. Looking ahead, let’s say right away: finding an unbroken Civic is almost as difficult as finding an unbroken “five” BMW E39. Or even harder. The image of a youth sports car played a cruel joke with the Japanese. And this joke seems even meaner when you consider that, in fact, there are not so many sports in Civic. The most popular 1.8-liter engine is an inline four with 140 hp. It’s enough for a ride, but not enough for a sport. The automatic transmission is very slow, and the hatchback, which theoretically should be “sportier” than the sedan, has a simple beam instead of a multi-link. In a word, the image of the “sports car” is inspired only by a peculiar exterior and an even more unusual interior. Inside, the car really seems unusual and attractive even today. But just because of its design, Civic got the glory of a car, on which you definitely need to “tumble” and “anneal.” Therefore, to find this car without an accident in history is quite difficult. And, oddly enough, this will be almost the only task when searching for Civic, because everything else is practically problem-free. I will say about the exception below.

So, the most popular engine is the 1.8-liter R18A engine. It is hard to say anything bad about him. This is a very reliable engine with a resource far beyond 300 thousand kilometers. Sometimes there are complaints of high oil consumption, but this is rather the exception. Even if the flow really is, it can usually be easily “cured” by replacing the rings and valve seals. The noise of the timing chain indicates a mileage of about 200 thousand kilometers, and if it is noisy, and the numbers on the odometer show 100-150 thousand, then the mileage was twisted. I-VTEC phase shifters can sometimes crack during cold starts, but overall the system is reliable. In general, the most popular motor here – it is also the best of those that were on the Civic.

Less common are the 1.4-liter engines of the L13 series, which are on the Jazz. Motors are also good, but for Civic they are rather weak.

Against the background of a very good R18A and a good L13, 2.2-liter diesel engines look strange. Firstly, with a high mileage, they will require significant investments and in operation will cost more than gasoline, and secondly, who in Russia generally needs a diesel Civic?

Well, the strangest option is a hybrid of a 1.3-liter engine and electric motor. Changing batteries is expensive, and instead of the classic automatic transmission, there will be a CVT. There are no advantages to such a machine.

As I already said, the Civica shaft torque converter AKP is a bit slow, but almost eternal. Just the case when the automatic transmission is more reliable than the manual transmission, which on this machine often buzzes with bearings and loses the clarity of switching.

Another thing – the “robot” i-shift with one clutch, which is on the hatchbacks. Before the restyling of 2008, he had serious problems with the firmware, after the restyling with the “brains” it became better, but the algorithm of work is still not the most successful, and the mechanics are not the most reliable. As a result, it turns out that in the secondary market, a sedan looks preferable to a hatchback. And with a subsequent sale, it will be noticeably more liquid. As a result, it turns out that the sedan and hatchback are practically different cars, both externally and technically. And their customers are often also different.

Well, let’s see how realistic it is to find Civic in good condition.

Ok but not quite
The first car we have is the oldest – it was released in 2007. Mileage – 140 thousand kilometers, price – 430 thousand, automatic transmission, 1.8 liters. Of the undoubted advantages – one owner and a folder of documents on the passage of maintenance.
The car is really almost completely in the native paint. Tinted only the rear arches. This, of course, is good. It’s bad that the paintwork of Civic is not the most outstanding. Therefore, a lot of defects have accumulated over 12 years.

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