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5 reasons to buy and not buy Ford Fiesta Mk6 (part 2)
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5 reasons to buy and not buy Ford Fiesta Mk6 (part 3)

Winter operation of any car has a lot of features, but it is precisely in the harsh conditions of the Russian winter that Fiesta shows many positive qualities. First of all, the owners are pleased with the windshield heated over the entire area: “A convenient thing in general is a lobovuha with heating! The whole yard is puffing with scrapers, and you are sitting in a typewriter like a bird and waiting for it to warm everything up, “” This is super! For four years, weaned from the scraper. Even in severe frost (it happened at minus 40) he pressed the heating, and after 2-3 minutes he wiped the ice with the wipers. Everyone, let’s go! By the way, for severe frosts on the “climate” there is a good MAX function, that is, turbo heating of everything: the cabin, frontal, rear, mirrors and seats. “

Many reviews noted that even without a magic button, the Ford Fiesta interior warms up extremely quickly even at an outside temperature of minus 30. But even when driving in the snow, the car performs very well, primarily because of the correct ESP and traction control settings: “For winter there were no complaints. Never stuck, never drifted anywhere. Although in our yard many cars skidded over snowdrifts and couldn’t get out without assistance ”,“ ESP system works at 5 points, this winter I’ve never gotten stuck anywhere, although I climbed headlights in the snow ”,“ In winter, the car confidently obeys the helm and is not prone to drifts. ”
Ford Fiesta ‘2008 – present
There are, of course, unpleasant trifles: under certain conditions (mainly when driving fast on a highway in wet snow), the wipers freeze in the parking area, and at the junction of the trunk lid and the rear window, ice freezes, which starts to emit an unpleasant, nerve-causing effect creak. The question is solved with a scraper and a brush, but as they say, “sediment remains.” It is worth noting that I did not come across a single review in which the owners would complain about the freezing of the front door locks, after which they would have to get into the car through the rear doors or the trunk. The mention of this defect wanders from review to review, perhaps such a problem really existed in relation to cars manufactured before 2011. But the fact remains: in none of the reviews I reviewed (and there were more than a hundred), such a defect was not mentioned.

There is another design feature of the Ford Fiesta, which is annoying to the owners, especially the fair sex. These complaints relate to the manual gearbox. On the one hand, owners evaluate the clarity of work and the selection of gear ratios very highly: “The mechanical gearbox is probably the coolest, I have never seen better. This is my personal opinion, based on a comparison with 10 models of foreign cars: I drove a Suzuki Grand Vitara, SX4, Kia Rio, Citroen C4, Peugeot 207, Chevrolet Aveo, Nissan Qashqai, Renault Duster, Opel Vectra and Skoda Octavia. All their mechanical boxes seemed worse to me than Fiesta. ”

The trouble is that the car sometimes needs to reverse, and the reverse gear of the Ford Fiesta does not have a synchronizer, so you need to turn it on skillfully. It’s a rather strange solution for a car manufactured in the 21st century, but there is one, that is … However, for every tricky nut there is a bolt with a left-hand thread, and even the ladies develop their own solutions for this problem: “Reverse gear for some reason from the very beginning I didn’t turn on right away … I got used to it: the clutch, then the third, then the back – and let’s go! ”

One of the reasons people decide to buy a small car is the hope of low maintenance. And the Ford Fiesta Mk6 does not deceive these expectations … “Fuel consumption is pleasantly surprising at first, but then you just get used to it. Stated 4.5 on the highway, 8 in the city and mixed 6.5. Somewhere it is, although on the highway it’s closer to 5 ”,“ I went from Nizhny Novgorod to Moscow and back. On the highway 110-120 km / h with air conditioning plus 3 days in Moscow with traffic jams. The average consumption was 6.7 l / 100 km. In my opinion, an excellent result! ”,“ The trip to the Baltic was excellent. The car showed itself only from the best side. There were 4 people in the cabin plus 2 suitcases in the trunk. The average speed on the routes was 100-120 km / h, the average consumption on a computer was 5.4 l / 100 km. By the way, the car’s low appetite was very pleased in Europe at a price of 0.9-1 Euro per liter for gasoline. ”
Ford Fiesta ‘2008 – present
Owners of all versions agree that the real average consumption in mixed mode is about 6.5-7 l / 100 km, and the engine has a capacity of 96 hp. it can show even a little more appetite than the 105-horsepower option, and a 120-horsepower engine can not be called too gluttonous. Naturally, the consumption depends on many factors: on the season, road conditions, driving style. In any case, a 42-liter tank is enough for 620-650 kilometers.

Another factor that reduces operating costs is the willingness to digest domestic 92nd gasoline (although quite a lot of owners consider that it is not worth saving on fuel with such an expense, and prefer to fill the 95th): “Faced a small problem, periodically at gas stations there was no AI-95, so I had to refuel the 92nd. Actually, this did not affect the driving performance of the Fiesta. The car was steadily digesting gasoline of almost any quality, without the vagaries and fastidious “Fi”, which could not but rejoice. ” As for the cost of maintenance and repair, it is estimated to be higher than in the case of Korean and Russian models, but still quite acceptable for a person’s pocket with average incomes.

It would seem that decent behavior in the snow should indicate decent ground clearance, and the tabular values ​​(155 mm – before 2012 and 167 mm – after) also do not seem too small. But for some reason, in the vast majority of reviews, it is a small ground clearance that is named as the main drawback of the model! They just say so: “Clearance is a disaster! If he had been taller, he wouldn’t have sold at all … ”,“ Of the minuses, only a small clearance, you can’t drive off-road, unless on the dirt road, if there is no gauge, ”someone does not like the low-hanging front bumper with a characteristic“ lip ” , they say, when parking, you have to go out several times and see if you can catch the curb.
Ford Fiesta ‘2008 – present
Someone thinks that it was because of a lack of clearance that he hit a big bump, because of which he got into an expensive repair: I had to change both the radiator and the fan motor along with the blades (the new radiator cost 5 500 rubles, and the motor 6 500 ) Others associate patency problems not only with a lack of clearance, but also with a stiff short-stroke suspension that breaks through serious mounds and pits. It is also noted that stones from under the front wheels fly to the thresholds at the rear doors, which leads to the appearance of chips.

In one, everyone is absolutely unanimous: Fiesta is a city dweller, and a permanent stay in the countryside is contraindicated for this car. Perhaps this assessment is due to the fact that although Fiesta is not very well suited for the role of the only family car, often she has to act in this role? And the Russian car owner, even living in a big city, wants to periodically have the opportunity to get out into nature, and many have dachas.

Well, the owners consider the main advantage of the model its reliability. “For 4 years of our roads, only the stabilizer struts have changed. I think this is an indicator of both reliability and quality ”,“ Over the years of use, in general, there have been no serious problems. Of course, pads, oil, filters, batteries changed, but these are all consumables ”,“ For 6 years of use and 80 thousand mileage, nothing has ever broken, except for bulbs. The bulbs, however, burned out ten times, “” The vehicle’s mileage was 58,000 km. There were no breakdowns during this time. But keep in mind that I usually drive carefully. Three bulbs burned out, changed oil three times and once – pads. ” Such statements can be found in a huge number of reviews. Opinions with a long mournful sheet of problems that befell the owner practically do not occur.
Ford Fiesta ‘2008 – present
Of course, it cannot be said that the Fiesta does not break at all. It’s not for nothing that such advice appears on the Internet when buying a car in the secondary market: “Take it with a replaced clutch and speed sensor, save a good amount. Otherwise, there are no problems with the car. ” And by the way, about the bulbs. Owners complain that it’s quite difficult to change them, especially in the taillights: for this you need to partially remove the skin, unscrew the lamb and only then can the taillight be removed. Replacing bulbs in the front lighting is a little easier: if you have a thin hand, then you are lucky, and you can do without removing the headlights. Otherwise, the headlight will still have to be removed, and this is both a long and dreary.
Ford Fiesta ‘2008 – present
But most of all the owners are pleased with the strength of the body and its corrosion resistance. Firstly, the metal itself is of sufficient thickness, does not look like foil and does not bend when pressed with a finger. One of the owners recalls how, during a trip to the South, he fell under a very large, walnut-sized hail of hail: “I thought I would break through the forehead, and the roof would certainly be in the pits. And nothing!”. Many people note that even the appearance of chips from pebbles flying from under the wheels does not lead to the appearance of foci of corrosion. And all because even the bodies of quite affordable Ford cars are processed by the method of double-sided hot galvanizing. As a result, there are chips, but no rust! But it is the body that is the most vulnerable part of the car, the repair of which requires maximum financial investment.

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