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One hundred and forty-one: compare AZLK-2141 and Audi 100 C2 (part 2)
Inside Muscovite is an abundance of booming plastic, the shade of which, depending on the year of manufacture, ranged from light brown to gray-black. “Oak” head restraints, obvious ergonomic punctures,…

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Solaris alternative for comparable money: is it worth buying a Kia Cerato II for 600 thousand
A few weeks ago, we were thinking about buying a used Hyundai Solaris, arguing along the way that, given the fluctuations in the exchange rate, these cars today are not…

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Buses from the USSR - serial and experimental
Open resort buses on the ZIS-5 chassis for the health resorts of the Crimea and the Caucasus produced several small factories on imported and domestic AMO and ZIS chassis. In…

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Hyundai Santa Fe I with mileage: inevitable corrosion due to drainage and a very simple electrician

This mid-size crossover can now be found at a price of 350-400 thousand rubles. They say he has very reliable 6-cylinder engines, and all-wheel drive – like SUVs. The feature set is promising, but, as always, there is a catch. We will understand the reliability of used Santa Fe I in two parts: in the first we examine the body, interior and electrics, and in the second – the chassis, transmission and motors.
Origins and technology
Santa Fe was released in 2000 to fill the gap between the expected small Hyundai Tucson crossover and the larger Terracan, also known as Veracruz. The car was created on the Y4 platform, on which Hyundai Sonata EF had already been produced for two years by that time. Continue reading

The muscles of the world. Why, after 70 years, a descendant of the Land Rover Series I got an aluminum body again? (part 2)

Computer and aluminum are power!
How to combine the strength and rigidity of the frame with the characteristics of the supporting body? It was here that engineers, along with the good old theoretical mechanics and sopromat, came to the aid of engineers many times over the past three decades, computer power. In fact, why, relying on the results of scientific achievements, with the help of computers, not choose the optimal profile of the power element depending on the expected load? Those calculations, which previously took months, today are done in … one minute. In fact, the mass of the element becomes the boundary condition: it should be as small as possible, but, say, the choice of the metal thickness and such quantities as the polar moment of inertia can be left at the computer. Continue reading

The muscles of the world. Why, after 70 years, a descendant of the Land Rover Series I got an aluminum body again? (part 1)

In 1946, the outstanding British design engineer Maurice Wilkes began developing the Land Rover Series I. For many decades, this car will remain the most popular SUV in the world. At the same time, another great Briton, Winston Churchill, made a famous speech in Fulton on the post-war structure of the world. Oddly enough, it can easily be linked with the development of the English automobile industry, because the first Land Rover all-terrain vehicles became the “muscles of the world”, or rather, the “muscles of peace”, and the ideas embodied in them were developed today – with the release of the new generation Defender.
In the second half of the 40s of the last century, the British government, trying to nourish the country’s weakened economy with hard currency, rigidly quoted the sale of steel. Continue reading

Hyundai Santa Fe I with mileage: reliable V6 and even more reliable automatic transmissions – they will survive the body (part 2)

The bulk of the Russian Santa Fe is equipped with 2.7-liter V6 engines of the G6BA series. There are also options for Korean assembly with 2.4-liter engines of the G4JS series, nee Mitsubishi 4G64. There are also 2.0 CRDi diesel engines of the Hyundai D series – they are developed by Italians from VM Motori and are similar to engines of the RA420 SOHC series. Since the release was established in conjunction with GM Korea, they can also be found on the Korean Chevrolet and Opel Antara. Very rarely there are cars with V6 3,5, these are old motors of the G6AU series, belonging to the Sigma family, they are almost completely similar to the Japanese Mitsubishi.
The weak point of all motors is not very high-quality sensors (especially lambda probes) and weak engine compartment wiring with sensors. Continue reading

Hyundai Santa Fe I with mileage: reliable V6 and even more reliable automatic transmissions – they will survive the body (part 1)

From the first part of the review of the first generation of Santa, we already realized that almost certainly you, as a buyer of a used copy, will have to deal with the body – either restoration repair or preventive maintenance. To the joy, the power units of this machine in the bulk are extremely successful. What, however, does not make the car “indestructible” – there are also disadvantages. We will describe them in detail below.
Brakes, suspension and steering
A sure sign of the car, developed in the late 90’s: ESC is not there at all in any trim levels, and in some places there is not even an ABS. The rear axle can have both discs and drums, depending on the motor and the presence of ABS.
Simple brakes from Mando with runs for 200 thousand usually have already undergone repairs once with the replacement of anthers and fingers, as well as all fittings. Continue reading

How to pump 10 wheels using a “bucket”: BERKUT Spec-2M test
The ancient tradition of the auto mechanics league requires that you send an inexperienced “salag” for compression, handing him a bucket. However, a bearded joke can be adequately answered by…


Like a Niva, it’s only better: is it worth buying a Toyota RAV4 II for 500 thousand rubles (part 2)
However, those who want a crossover with an automatic transmission will also not be disappointed: this is an old and four-stage, but delightfully reliable Aisin U140. Given in addition that…


Demon in the Rib: 1994 Cadillac Fleetwood Ownership Experience (part 1)
In those years when the whole world was already accustomed to compact, light and economical cars with a leading front axle, Cadillac suddenly released a car completely uncharacteristic for the…


5 reasons to buy and not buy Ford Fiesta Mk6 (part 2)
LOVE # 5: PRACTICE AND QUALITY OF THE SALON So is everything really bad? Not at all. Firstly, the owners in their reviews positively note both the build quality of…