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But it’s cheap to repair: is it worth buying Lada Kalina for 300 thousand rubles
Already at the moment of reading the title, the opinions of readers are probably divided into at least three streams. A third already instinctively replies “it’s not worth it, this…

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Awesome rust, insidious step, call a friend: Cadillac Escalade 3 gen with a range of 200,000 km (part 2)
Simple, but change the oil! The “handout” of the previous Escalade is simple in design, and although it does not have clutches, and the differential is free, the oil has…

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One hundred and forty-one: compare AZLK-2141 and Audi 100 C2 (part 1)
AZLK-2141 - Moskvich, who never became Aleko, but remained forever “forty-first”. This is the first (and, in fact, the last) serial front-wheel drive car of the Lenin Komsomol Automobile Plant,…

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Demon in the Rib: 1994 Cadillac Fleetwood Ownership Experience (part 2)

The neck of the fuel tank, by the way, is conveniently located above the rear bumper strictly in the center, covered by a shield to which the number of the American dimension was attached.
The weak point of the LT1 motor is Optispark’s proprietary GM technology, which was also used on the LT4 and LT99 engines. Because of it, our Fleetwood once (the only one staying in the property of the current owner) failed to start and had to ride on a tow truck …

Optispark is a small box with a rotating shaft. It is mounted on the front of the engine, under the antifreeze pump, driven directly from the motor and combines an optical (like a computer mouse) crankshaft position sensor and a high voltage distributor for the cylinders. Continue reading

Demon in the Rib: 1994 Cadillac Fleetwood Ownership Experience (part 1)

In those years when the whole world was already accustomed to compact, light and economical cars with a leading front axle, Cadillac suddenly released a car completely uncharacteristic for the trends of the automobile industry of the 90s, as if it had fallen out of a hole in time. This is the Cadillac Fleetwood, a giant frame rear-wheel drive battleship with a powerful multi-liter engine. Last True Caddy, the last of the 20th century patterns.
Purchase history
“Once upon a time, having tried Lincoln Towncar, I got sick with classic American cars,” says Fleetwood’s owner, 30-year-old Muscovite Evgeny, who works in the financial sector. – I tried a lot of models, but for a long time I could not get hold of one of those that attracted me – I couldn’t find it, then I didn’t have enough money … Continue reading

Eight red: tuning VAZ-21013

Vazovskaya “classic” is gradually moving from the category of signs of lack of money to the category of signs of the presence of some of their surpluses – that is, to the class of weekend cars. Someone drifts on them, someone restores them, and someone stylizes them. Today we’ll talk about the last option: this red penny is equally far from both the factory condition and the race tracks, but I’m not averse to taking a ride to the next exhibition. What is she ready to show there?
Purchase history
Once we already argued that even the Soviet automobile consumer goods, released in millions of copies, is becoming surprisingly small, and the purchase history of this “penny” is an indirect confirmation of this. After all, initially in 2013, Alexei began his search with the VAZ-2102, but for half a year none of the available proposals satisfied him. Continue reading

Like a Niva, it’s only better: is it worth buying a Toyota RAV4 II for 500 thousand rubles (part 2)

However, those who want a crossover with an automatic transmission will also not be disappointed: this is an old and four-stage, but delightfully reliable Aisin U140. Given in addition that it can work with engines up to 3 liters, and the maximum available engine in RAV4 has only 2.4, the box does not work at its limits. True, off-road rides, coupled with poor service, can easily compensate for this “oversight,” and there were plenty of the first and second in the life of many crossovers. It’s hard to get the box before 250-300 thousand, although control electronics failures may occur earlier, and the wear of the torque converter lock plates depends on the riding style. However, from a mechanical point of view, the resource, provided that the oil is replaced every 60-80 thousand, can exceed 350 thousand kilometers. It’s only unconditionally to believe in this reliability is too late: given the age of the machines, all the boxes have probably survived at least one intervention, and it is absolutely impossible to study the history of service after 15-20 years. Continue reading

Like a Niva, it’s only better: is it worth buying a Toyota RAV4 II for 500 thousand rubles (part 1)

Just a month ago, we thought about buying a third-generation Toyota RAV4 and found out that one of the main problems when choosing is a considerable price level for such a popular model, which many even consider to be overpriced. What to do if you want a crossover from Toyota, but you don’t have a million in your pocket? One of the obvious answers is to collect half a million and buy the RAV4 of the previous, second generation: our colleagues from Avito Auto confidently say that for this amount you can buy a live car. Their prices are already more or less market, and the lack of a clearly middle-aged age is compensated by some technical features in which the “second” RAV4 is even better than its heir. Which ones?
Determining the maximum age of cars on the market is not difficult: the second generation RAV4 appeared at the turn of the century, in 2000, so that the oldest copies will soon celebrate their twentieth anniversary. Continue reading

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In 1948, Georgia made a variable compression motor and outperformed Infiniti
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