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One hundred and forty-one: compare AZLK-2141 and Audi 100 C2 (part 1)
AZLK-2141 - Moskvich, who never became Aleko, but remained forever “forty-first”. This is the first (and, in fact, the last) serial front-wheel drive car of the Lenin Komsomol Automobile Plant,…

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Additional marking of rusty and broken VIN: to whom, when and how to do it
A few days ago, government decree No. 1653 “On approval of requirements for additional marking of a vehicle, the procedure for applying and applying it” was officially published, which introduces…

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In 1948, Georgia made a variable compression motor and outperformed Infiniti
At that time, when the ICE power supply systems were imperfect, and the gas distribution mechanisms were primitive, the return per liter was small, and the consumption of gasoline and…

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Changes in traffic rules that everyone is waiting for

The need for large-scale revision of the Rules of the road is being discussed more and more often. We wrote about this.

And in the expert center of, we prepared a list of specific proposals, placing them in a colorful album, our editorial staff also reviewed it.

In the introductory part, we can subscribe to every word! The cameras have become a source of income, compliance with traffic rules does not guarantee the driver safety and the absence of fines, because the rules are partly outdated, partly contrary to reality. The reasons for a significant part of the accidents are called outdated standards, which are still used in the design of roads. Continue reading

UAZs you have never seen

The first cars to leave the walls of the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant were ZIS 5V – the famous three-ton. This truck was one of the main vehicles of the Soviet army on the fronts of World War II. Produced from 1942 to 1944. In total, a little more than 10 thousand copies were produced.
The GAZ AA truck, popularly known as a lorry, was produced in Ulyanovsk from 1947 to 1951. It was designed to carry 1,500 kg of cargo. A lorry is considered the most massive Soviet car in the middle of the last century.
GAZ AA truck
You will be surprised, but the GAZ-69, produced from 1954 to 1972, was considered in those years as a passenger-and-freight car of increased comfort. In his cabin could accommodate up to eight people. Continue reading

Healthy load on the roof – we pass by the traffic police without stops!

The reader’s question is answered by the head of the Main Directorate for Road Safety of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Lieutenant General of Police Mikhail Chernikov.
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Illuminated the bottom of the car. Is it necessary to issue? – traffic police response
There will be no questions when fulfilling the requirements of Section 23 of the Rules of the Road “Transportation of Goods”. In particular, the load must be securely fastened. Its mass should not exceed the values ​​established by the manufacturers of both your car and the trunk that is used for transportation. In this case, the trunk itself must match the model of your car (information on this should be contained in the manual for the trunk). Continue reading

Fatal accident: instead of chippers – to the camera because of a piece of paper

The accident occurred in broad daylight at one of the “destinations”, which in our country are misunderstoodly called roads. The regular bus lost control on the bridge and fell from a ten-meter height onto the frozen ice of the Kuenga River, turning over onto the roof. Many of those who survived this car crash saved their lives only because they were fastened.

The culprit was found quickly. For lack of opportunity to land a driver who died along with passengers, the head of the transport company was detained. The investigation considered that it was precisely the incorrectly executed documents that became the root cause of the death of 19 people. Continue reading

Buses from the USSR – serial and experimental

Open resort buses on the ZIS-5 chassis for the health resorts of the Crimea and the Caucasus produced several small factories on imported and domestic AMO and ZIS chassis. In particular, they were made by a Tbilisi company under the tricky name Zakavtopromtorg. After the war, similar cars were built on Gorky chassis, with open buses being made until the second half of the 1960s.


ZIS-8A – products of the Leningrad ATUL plant on an extended chassis ZIS-8. Machines with a capacity of 48 people (32 passengers rode seated) were made with a third non-driving so-called rolling axle and a 73-horsepower ZIS-5 engine from 1936 to 1941. After the war, similar buses were produced, but with a wagon body. Continue reading

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One hundred and forty-one: compare AZLK-2141 and Audi 100 C2 (part 1)
AZLK-2141 - Moskvich, who never became Aleko, but remained forever “forty-first”. This is the first (and, in fact, the last) serial front-wheel drive car of the Lenin Komsomol Automobile Plant,…